Arrrrooooo!!!! Welcome to the Wolf Pack Co-op! Below you will find some helpful links and things for making the most of your time as part of the pack.

**Warning: This is a BIG page, so please give it a moment to load. We have LOTS of information to impart!**

Questions? Comments? WTFs? Contact Ronda Reader ( or Michelle Fox ( directly.

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  • Submit your promos as early as you can in order to secure your desired date!  Slots are allotted on a first come, first served basis. Our coop is getting busier so please work ahead! If you NEVER get a date you want, contact Ronda directly. Sometimes she can work magic.
  • Put a reminder on your calendar, so you don’t forget to submit each month.
  • Each Co-op member receives 2 slots per month in the newsletter. This can be books, giveaways or a combination of both.  Please note that there is a new scheduling policy in place – use the links in the next bullet point to review them.
  • Please use the appropriate form, and select the applicable option, when submitting. Failure to do so may result in your item not being promoted.

Our Properties for PNR/SFR/UF

We have two Facebook pages (The Wolf Pack and Bella’s Twilight), Twitter (which we don’t use much), Instagram (not yet a strong outlet for PNR indies, but it’s slowly changing), and a fledgling Youtube channel as well as a newsletter.

You will be added as editor to the Facebook pages when you join. Please watch for that notification and accept the invitations. 

You access Instagram by sending what you want to share to Michelle. (Please nothing last minute or time sensitive.)

For Youtube, ask Michelle and she will add you. ( or PM her on FB.)

For links you can share, see the WP SOCIAL MEDIA section of this document.

Contemporary Romance FB Page

We have access to a Facebook page with a contemporary romance audience. We do not own this page and can’t promise that it will be available for forever. However, you can be added as editor now if you have contemporary romance.  Some of our members have had good success advertising to this audience.

We also have started a platform of our own for Contemporary Romance, starting with a Facebook page. About half the coop also writes contemporary romance so we’re hoping to build up assets we can use.

Contact Michelle to be added. ( or pm on Facebook)


  • Each coop member receives 2 slots per month in the newsletter. This can be books, giveaways or a combination of both.  Put it on your calendar, so you don’t forget! One of your slots can be a solo feature every other month.
  • You can book up to 3 months in advance. Working ahead is how you get the dates you need.
  • Please refer to the booking calendar on the promo submission pages for open dates.
  • Note that some dates may be blocked off due to WP promos or US holidays.
  • Co-written books or box sets are acceptable, as long as one of the authors is in the Co-op and submits the form.
  • REPEATS:  Don't submit the same books over and over again. We're tracking that and we're going to start turning those away. Please wait 6 months and there should be a price change. (This is NOT a new policy!)

Newsletter Submission Form Shortcuts


  • Please refer to the booking calendar for open dates.
  • Note that some dates may be blocked off due to WP promos or US holidays. 
  • Giveaways are ONLY put in Wednesday, multi-author newsletters.
  • This counts as 1 of your 2 monthly promo slots.
  • We do not accept:
    • Giveaways that require a purchase.
    • Newsletter sign up pages. (which offer a free book after submitting an email)
  • Submission Form:

Submit a BOOK

  • Readers should *NOT* be required to sign up for a newsletter, etc, in order to download your book.
  • New policy: here
  • We need a good excerpt for solo features. This is the one thing that tends to not get done. You can lose your slot FYI if we don’t have the excerpt or any other requested information.
  • Books can be any price!
  • If you have questions, please contact Ronda (

Multi-Author Newsletters

  • Wednesdays only
  • If you have a single author newsletter scheduled, don’t forget to use your 2nd slot.
  • If you DO NOT have a single author newsletter scheduled, you get 2 slots  (not on the same date). 
  • Any price point accepted!
  • FREEBIES must not have requirements, such as newsletter sign up
  • Audio books can also be included (they can also be submitted as a single author newsletter – see below)
  • Links to giveaways can be included (submission link is in the section above)
  • Links to author interviews can be included (contact Ronda)
  • Submission Form:

Single Author Newsletters aka Solo Features

  • Schedule any of the single author newsletters below every other month.  For example, if you do a feature in January, your next solo feature author slot would be in March.
  • Extra multi book blasts will be utilized as overflow. These are NOT on the form, they're reserve capacity and will be utilized as needed by Ronda.
  • Feature – solo feature author newsletter that can have up to TWO books!
    • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays
    • Any price point accepted
    • FREEBIES must not have requirements, such as newsletter sign up (but note giveaways CAN)
    • Includes a cover, plot blurb, buy links AND a 500 to 800 word excerpt
    • A short tag line is also requested, to be used as the email subject line
    •  example here
    • Submission Form:
  • 1st in Series Free – solo feature author newsletter
  • Series – solo feature author newsletter
    • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays
    • Any price point accepted
    • FREEBIES must not have requirements, such as newsletter sign up (but note giveaways CAN)
    • This newsletter is for individual books that make up a series, NOT a box set
    • Includes a series graphic, series blurb, list of titles in the series and their plot blurbs, and buy links to each book
    • A short tag line is also requested, to be used as the email subject line
    • example here
    • Submission Form:
  • Audio Book – solo feature author newsletter
    • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays
    • Any price point accepted
    • FREEBIES must not have requirements, such as newsletter sign up (but note giveaways CAN)
    • Includes a cover, plot blurb, and buy links
    • A short tag line is also requested, to be used as the email subject line
    •  example here
    • Audio books can also be listed in the Wed multi-author newsletters
    • Submission Form:

Newsletter Confirmations

With our new booking system in place, you will receive immediate email confirmation of your book submission(s) and your selected dates. If there are any problems with your submission, Ronda or Michelle will reach out to you directly via email.

Promotional Calendar

WP Instagram Page

We will feature your book on our Instagram if you send us the graphics. We’ll be adding a library of flatlays you can utilize in the near future. In the interim, if you have a book you want the WP to feature on IG, poke Michelle Fox to access some professional bookstagram flatlay options.

We do recommend you use a flatlay on IG because the FB style graphics just don't get the same level of interaction from everything we’ve seen. (But ads in that style sometimes can work…it’s weird.)

Facebook Ads Class, Instagram Class, & Bootcamp Access

  • Your dues give you access to Michelle Fox’s Facebook Ads Class.
  • The (free to everyone) Your First Facebook Ads class can be found here:  (Start here if you are a total beginner or are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.)
  • The next level of Facebook ads training is 4 weeks ( or modules) of material. Please keep this information confidential. Some things are proprietary and there’s a lot I developed on my own. This isn’t a class you can find anyplace else. If you want to share it…refer them to the class at Lawson Writer’s Academy or see if they want to join the co-op.

1 – Ad Diamonds: Creating compelling images, hooks, and ad copy.

2-Ad Audiences: Who do we advertise to and how do we find them? (This is a really cool lesson with lots of interesting research. Very eye opening.)

3-Ad Strategy: Sales sustainability, freebies, bestseller pushes, how to use a page and other secrets of strategy

4- Ad Set Up: The technical side of ads and audiences

Social Media Content Calendar

Not sure what to post? Or what people will respond to?

Here’s a simple social media content calendar, based on Michelle Fox’s years of experience, that will ensure you share high quality, super engaging content to build your brand and grow your platform.

Meme Bank

Don’t know what to post on your FB page or in your FB and IG stories? Tired of spending hours finding content and then posting it? We have the solution! The co-op has banks of high engagement content you can pull from. Many of the memes have a proven track record of garnering lots of reactions and engagement. New members should search the group for old meme banks to pull from as well as using the new ones posted every month. Just search for ‘meme bank.’

NOTE: These are NOT for you to post on the various Wolf Pack outlets. They are for YOUR page, YOUR Instagram, YOUR website, YOU! We’ve posted these already. 

Author Interviews (Meet the Pack)

  • Please submit a couple weeks BEFORE your desired date.
  • Please select a week day (Mon – Fri).
  • Interviews will be posted in the Wolf Pack Reads Facebook group. (No individual newsletter.)
  • If you want a link to your interview in a Wed newsletter, please let Ronda know after you complete the interview form. (
  • You may do more than one interview – we currently have 3.
  • You may re-do an interview if it is outdated.
  • If you’d like to create your own interview, please let Ronda know. We are open to ideas!
  • Typically, Ronda will create a draft of the interview and send it to you for review a few days before your date.

Interview #1:

Interview #2:

Interview #3:

VA Promo Service (Aka the Book Buzz Team)

We have 7 readers with platforms on FB, IG, and TT who will share your books twice a month. 

  • Please read carefully so things run smoothly and don't take up a lot of time on the administrative side. I am a limited resource. Try to save me for the important stuff.
  • As part of your membership you can now access the FB promo services of our 7 book buzz team members. Twice a month = 2 different books or a book and a giveaway or Bookfunnel promo share.
  • They will post your PNR/UF/SFR book or giveaway everywhere they can…including my FB page which has decent reach.
  • Please plan on 5 days advance notice. Last minute requests will be accepted as they have time with no guarantees.
  • Book Buzz team members do go on vacation or get sick. They are asked to let you know, but you may not hear until after the fact depending on timing and their schedule. FYI.
  • Any promo beyond the 2 pushes included in the coop fee must be negotiated between you and the VAs at your expense and the coop has no oversight of that. 
  • Give the team your links, and some different ad copy and several graphic options for them to select from.If you have any hashtags you want them to use, include those. They will share what you give them. They will not create content for you. 

Multiple graphics are important because that allows each post to look unique. I'd also include some homemade book flat lays for them as well for Instagram. Bookstagram content needs to look real. Engagement is low on over produced FB style Canva graphics. FYI. (It can work in ads, but not so much in people's bookstagram feeds.)

  • Give them a download link for the book. Reviews are NOT required or guaranteed but you may get one and it’s a nice perk for the team.
  • Also BE NICE. They are  basically volunteers doing this at a very reduced rate just for us. In the past, former coop members have been snotty to admins for the coop. NOT COOL. I SEE THAT AND I JUDGE YOU. #truth If you have issues, please come to me so I can address it with the Book Buzz Team. Don’t tackle things by yourself. 
  • I’ll be working to help them grow their platforms so that their reach grows.
  • To book: email both me and the team members. You can cc me. This is just so I’m in the loop and can track activity for payment.
  • Email subject line should be: Wolf Pack Book Buzz GENRE, TITLE for DATE So…Wolf Pack Book Buzz PNR Werewolves Gone Wild for 1/20

The emails are:


1:1 coaching is available to members in good standing. To set up a coaching call with Michelle Fox, PM her. Note she’s on EST.  We can talk through plot and strategy. You can ask questions. We can look at covers and branding. We can cut costs, find process efficiencies. Also, now that we’ve done a few of these, we often highlight things that you’ve missed whether in the ads class or on social media and  with regards to co-op features that aren’t being used. Whatever you want help with, she will help you question the premise (as Becca Syme says) of your book or strategy. 

Some concrete examples from coaching sessions:

-Spotted missing instant income in an author’s strategy (don’t expect this, it applies to just a few authors).

-Pointed out things that would make good ads, and when implemented, sales took off.

-Did a deep dive into Facebook ad targeting, identifying new targets that hadn’t been considered.

-Identified a metadata issue that was affecting discovery and sell-through.

-Gave lots of tips to lots of people on social media strategy. Tweaks, things that they weren’t doing that would have an impact. We all have blindspots…that’s one big value of the coaching, I help you find them.

-Encouraged outside the box thinking  and trying new things because the current groove wasn’t working.

-Brainstormed branding.

-Recommended resources and training that support different authors’ goals.

-I’ll also tell you when you’re too hard on yourself and remind you to celebrate your achievements. Sometimes when we aren’t at the top of the mountain yet, we start kicking ourselves instead of realizing we’re closer than ever and just need to keep going. Stay focused on productive things.

Sending Swag

We have a mailing list database if you want to send out some surprise swag or other book promo.