How to work the Co-op: A Mini Guide

  1. Locate the Author Portal and BOOKMARK the page. This is a schematic of how to access various co-op resources.
  2. Set up two-step verification on your Facebook account. FB will likely force you to do this once you are added to the WP pages as they consider our reach to be large and want to ensure page security is good.
  3. Read the FREE Smarter Author Bootcamp if you haven’t already:
  4. I also recommend everyone join David Gaughran’s mailing list and read, read, read:
  5. If ads are new for you, go through the free Your First Facebook Ad free training in Wolf Pack Promotions.
  6. Go through the free beginner Instagram training in Wolf Pack Promotions.
  7. Go through the FB ads training in the co-op. Ask questions. PM Michelle if you need to. It’s a significant growth hack to talk to someone who has run profitable ads… don’t skip utilizing that!
  8. Generate the WP audiences in your Business Manager interface. Make Lookalikes (they can work well). Run low cost ads periodically to these audiences.
  9. Run ads using the WP page identities to boost conversions. 
  10. Post on the WP pages using the 1:1 rule. For every “buy my book” post, you need to post engagement content. We need to care about our audiences beyond bombarding them with “buy my book” content. This is not optional. 
  11. Go through the IG training in the co-op. Ask questions. PM Michelle if you need to.
  12. Establish or refresh your digital real estate (Facebook, Instagram, newsletter etc…) using the meme bank and social media content calendar in the co-op.
  13. Periodically boost content on *your* digital real estate to your readers.
  14. Book newsletter slots with the WP (up to 3 months in advance, any price, you get 2 slots a month and one can be a solo feature every other month.) The submission forms can be found in your author portal.
  15. Put a book in the Pick of the Pack. Note: We run ads to the POTP and pull from what authors submit for regular book giveaways in the WP group so this is ongoing promo for you. Sign ups are posted quarterly in the FB group.
  16. Ask the Book Buzz Promo VAs to share your book on social media. You have 2 Book Buzz slots a month. Information on how to access them is in your author portal.
  17. For ad newbies, once you’ve done the FB ads training, run an ad or boost a post to get your feet wet (keep expectations low though and don’t let failure deter you. Marketing is a technical skill set, it’s not always instant money.)
  18. Read Nicholas Erik’s The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing to better understand KU and Amazon. I recommend this one a lot in coaching calls, so you might as well read it upfront lol.
  19. Write, write, write. You need more books to market! Always! 
  20. Establish the 3×3 sales foundation. Three series in popular sub-genres with popular tropes, three books deep with first in series books that do well with ads (that last part is the tricky part). 1 series shifter. 1 series vampire. 1 series your choice of what you think is most marketable. Do one 3×3 for KU and one for wide.
  21. Schedule a coaching call with Michelle if you are stuck or want a sounding board. 
  22. Participate in a shared world to grow your readership. See our discussion in the co-op on that. (And we’re starting one ourselves that will be for co-op members only!)  Right now, this is a better money move than the vast majority of boxed sets BUT the world and the author running the world make all the difference.
  23. Connect with other co-op members. Lift each other up. All for one, one for all.
  24. As you gain experience, leverage all this information and all the co-op resources to grow your career.
  25. Please remember, you belong here. It’s not an accident.  We look at the writing and professionalism of every member. We don't accept just anyone. If you’re here, it’s because we see your talent and potential.  We believe in you and believe the co-op can be beneficial.
  26. Last but not least, there’s no gimmick. Sorry. The co-op is a better toolbox but you still have to pick up the hammer to turn it into a growth hack.