Pick of the Pack Archive

Crashed into my betrothed mate after speed dating for shifters, what could go wrong?
My first mistake was shifting. The second was deciding to claim her. I can't risk taking her deeper into my world, but the alternative is unbearable.
Disgraced from shifter black ops, Jaden struggles to find purpose. Especially after his battle buddy drops the perfect business endeavor he never wanted in his lap, and the first job goes awry. At the worst possible moment, his mate enters his life like a wrecking ball.
Blindfolded speed dating for shifters. What could go wrong? But when a friend shows up on Halloween with an invite to a shifter speed dating event, I can't pass on this chance to find my fated mate.
Jaden was dead... Until Piper strode into his life.
Gingerbread shifter... Whaaaat?
Blindfolded speed dating for shifters, what could go wrong?