Pick of the Pack Archive

On the run from her abusive ex and a soul-sucking being, Bailey turns to gorgeous vampire Erick for help.
Naomi came to Alaska to photograph wildlife — but a dragon wasn’t what she expected to find.
Legacy Academy - where secrets are buried deep
I wanted nothing more than to have my first shift and join the pack, but I never expected how horribly wrong it would all go...
An unprecedented visit from the Supreme Elven King, rumors of a courtship, and an elven princess's worries that a single touch from the king could reveal a secret she and her family have desperately kept for over a hundred years.
He’s a former military hybrid wolf shifter who lost everything until he finds his fated mate.
One mate to claim and one big secret to share.
At the Forbidden B&B, you’re just as likely to find fresh-baked cookies as straight jackets.
As a spy for a rival pack, mountain lion shifter Matt needs to get info from the Rock Creek Clan without complications—but meeting his fated mate in sexy fox shifter Erena is one helluva complication.