Wolf Pack Book Tour Request

Book Tours are more complex than a NL submission. Please read everything here carefully before you fill out the tour request form linked below.

The Basics

Coop members can request a Book Tour once every 6 months for a NEW RELEASE.

We accept PNR, UF, SFR, and any sub-genre of contemporary romance. 

We accept tour dates up to 3 months in advance, and we ask that you give us at least a month's advance notice. 

We also request $20 to be used for giveaways to help incentivize and reward host participation.

Research before you tour

For examples of a successful tour, look up the #aruinofroses and #ruinofroses on both Instagram and Tik Tok. That was the most successful indie book tour we could find in 2021. The #booktour hashtag and Storygram account on IG might be useful for research as well.

Notice what did and did not get engagement both in terms of images/videos and ad copy. Think about how you can align with what works as you build your book tour kit.

The Shopping List (things you need to book a tour)

In order to fill out the book tour request form below, you will need the following information:


–  Preferred book tour dates

Book Info

–  Your book title

–  Your book release date

–  Your book cover

–  All your book buy links

– Short tag line for book (1-3 sentences)

–  Blurb (usually a few paragraphs)

–  2 PG-13 snippets (excerpts) around 250 words in length

–  1 very very short snippet (excerpt) – about a paragraph

Social Media & More

–  All your social media links

–  Links to any Tik Tok videos that hosts can share or duet or stitch

–  What hashtags do you want hosts to use with your tour? We recommend at least your author name and book title so you can easily track tour activity across social media.

–  Links to review copies if you’re making that part of the tour

–  Decide whether or not you will sponsor book giveaways as part of the tour. (Hosts will set up a book giveaway and send you the winner.)


–  Approximately 10 social media graphics for Facebook

–  AND 10 graphics for Instagram – see notes below

We highly recommend that you shoot your own flat lays for Instagram. Some of our hosts will create custom content, but others will rely on what you submit. 

Make things look real and cool—a successful tour looks good, has good branding, good hooks. 

Get some fun/cool props. Think cottage-core…cozy book pics. 

(We do have a flat lay library you can access for tours, if you’re pressed for time, but truly, you will get better results with making your own flat lays.)


Contact Michelle Fox directly at michellefoxwrites@gmail.com.

Request a Book tour

The Book Tour Request form is here: