Art of the Hunt

Tami Lund

Tami Lund

All Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, wants is to save humanity. When she inadvertently saves smokin’ hot Detective Hunter James’s life, she thinks he may be the perfect partner—in more ways than one. Problem is: he doesn’t believe the Greek gods are real.

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Read an excerpt from Art of the Hunt

He swiped his hand over his face and looked to the heavens, as if seeking answers.

Artemis ought to tell him no one was residing up there anymore. Well, not any of the gods who people used to speak to.

The big guy was still there, of course, but Mount Olympus? Zeus had done a number on the place. Even the ambrosia fields had been destroyed.

She pointed to the west.

“They’re actually all over there now.”

With his hand still covering his face, Hunter spread his fingers to peer at her with one eye.


“The gods. We left Mount Olympus to go to, well, Mount Olympus.”

Hunter closed his eyes and shook his head.

“I keep forgetting that you think because you were named after one of them it somehow makes you a god.” That eye opened again.

“Although you definitely dress like one.”

She glanced down at her black catsuit. She preferred more of a saffron color; however, black worked better when trying to be stealthy at night.

“This isn’t god-like dress. We prefer tunics and robes for obvious reasons, such as comfort, ease of access.”

“Ease of access? Don’t you think you’re the goddess of chastity?”

He was well-versed in his knowledge of the gods. She crossed her arms and thrust a hip.

“I’m also the goddess of the hunt. Given how things transpired tonight, I’d think that would be the gift you’d most appreciate.”

Hunter dropped his hand to his side.

“Oh, I appreciate that gift. You possibly saved my life. And for the record, I’m not really a fan of the gift of chastity.”