Beauty and the Alien Beast

Sedona Venez

Sedona Venez

I went for a fitness run and saw a blinding bright light. The next thing I know, I’m on an alien ship. Now, this hot alien claims that I’m his fated mate. Yeah, I don’t think so.

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Read an excerpt from Beauty and the Alien Beast

The door closed on the attendant’s smirk as my mate rubbed her soft body against me, panting and trembling with need.

My body responded at once, my lower arms wrapping around her and my c*ck swelling with the strong urge to claim her. I buried my face in her hair, completely swept up in the moment as she offered herself to me.

For long, agonizing heartbeats, I couldn’t force myself nor my inner beast to pull away from her.

She was our female. She writhed against me, and the power of that blatant invitation made my head swim.

I wanted to kiss her—even though I knew that the moment I did, neither of us would be in control. And then I’ll have to live with myself.

No. I will not do that to her.

If I kissed her, it would start the mating process with the exchange of pheromones. After that, our bodies and emotions would start to synchronize, and the need to mate would begin to overcome not just the drive to complete my mission—getting her back to my pack alive—but even my survival instinct.

Properly bonded Gladiators didn’t emerge from their mating bower for days after their first kiss. My lips still hovered near hers. Disastrously near. My incisors lengthened, ready to nip her bottom lip playfully.

She’s so tempting… Just one lick and— No! I must not.