Cali Mann

Cali Mann

Nothing’s sexier than a man who can resist my succubus power. So, when three hotter than hell wolves defy my charms I’m intrigued. From the alpha male to the bad boy to the womanizing charmer, I can’t help but want them all

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Read an excerpt from Called

Jaxon lounged against the gray wall across from me, his eyes half lidded like he was trying to zone me out. He’d sat in here for the whole day, studying me like I was a puzzle to solve, glaring, and finally ignoring me.

Was it some kind of power play?

Because he didn’t have to guard me in this concrete box. It didn’t even have windows.

The floor was swept, not even a leaf or a twig to distract myself with. Old blood stains had sunk into the floor and walls, but all I smelled was bleach as if the whole place had been regularly cleaned.

Just me, my shackles, and the alpha.

My gaze trailed over the way his tee shirt clung to the hard muscles of his shoulders and arms.

I might have squashed my need for the moment, but I definitely wasn’t immune to his charms. I bit my lip. Even if he was immune to mine.

The only reason I knew I’d spent way too long trying to talk to this asshole was because he’d left the door open enough to see the light changing as the sun rose and headed back down again.

Why didn’t he leave me alone? He must have better things to do.

Wasn’t he hungry? Though maybe the power play was part of sizing me up and seeing what I could do?

I pulled against my shackles, bolted deep into the wall, making as much noise with the chains as possible. I already knew I couldn’t get loose. Even at my full power, these were too heavy duty, but I was not about to be ignored after he summoned me and locked me up.

If he was staying, he could talk.