Captivated by a Vampire

Susan Griscom

Susan Griscom

I may be a new vampire, but that doesn’t mean I’m naïve. And I don’t like being treated that way. I only want to find my place in this new and scary life I’ve been cursed with. Unfortunately, trouble seems to follow me wherever I go, starting with my very first attempt to feed on my own … But then I come face to face with a very charming stranger who seems to want to help, but can I trust him?

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Read an excerpt from Captivated by a Vampire

My gaze settled on an attractive man playing pool. He wore a light blue shirt, untucked from his pants and unbuttoned at the collar. A silver tie patterned with little blue diamond shapes hung loosely around his neck. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. A relaxed, just-got-off-work look.

He bent over and positioned his cue at the white ball, then glanced up at me with the most gorgeous blue eyes I’d ever seen. They were almost translucent.

As difficult as it was, I quickly looked away. I was too hungry and too horny, and someone like that just might make me lose control, so I set my gaze on the other guy playing pool instead.

A large man, sporting black leather. Biker gear. Perfect. This was what I was looking for tonight.

His brown eyes locked on mine, and I smiled. Yeah, he would do. He would do nicely. He stood with a cue stick in his hand, rubbing the tip with a square of blue chalk, and he smiled at me as I sat down on a stool at the bar.

I gave him my best sexy smile and held his gaze for a few seconds. He had a clean-shaven face, which surprised me considering the way he was dressed—jeans and a well-worn jacket with some club’s logo inscribed on the back. Maybe a weekend warrior.

He was tall and muscled, and I didn’t think there would be much danger of me taking too much. He looked like he would give me just what I needed.

The bike outside had to be his since he was the only guy in here dressed for the ride. The other guy playing pool was handsome beyond comprehension. Not more than Lane, but different, and though he would probably make for a tasty treat, there was something in my gut that told me no.

I thought the biker dude would be exciting, and I had a feeling he’d take me for a great ride.