Casting A Spell

PE Kavanagh

PE Kavanagh

A witch with an anger problem. A bodyguard with a witch problem. What could go wrong?

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Read an excerpt from Casting A Spell

The rain started coming down in sheets half a block away from her destination.

She broke out into a jog as she turned the corner of the alley, the close brick walls dampening the roar of the sudden rainstorm. She paused with her car now in sight, to wipe the water from her eyes.

A sharp pain slashed across her temple, followed by a series of muffled groans and grunts. With each step deeper into the alley, the sensation that felt like a vise across her skull intensified.

She squinted through the pain and the rain in search of the source. It was so extreme, it had to be close, probably where the alley opened into the small parking lot.

Behind her, toward the street, she continued to pick up that same pressure, the one she’d been feeling for weeks. Disparate feelings and sensations jumbled in her head, leaving her disoriented.

She dropped back against the brick wall, hoping to regain her bearings. She was picking up danger in all directions, but she’d been suppressing her abilities for so long, she could hardly trust them anymore.

Libra considered doubling back, exiting the alley the way she’d come, taking her chances that what was behind her was safer than what lie ahead. While she waited, deciding, the sounds of violence grew louder up ahead, the pressure behind her grew.

She’d have to confront something she really didn’t want, either way. She closed her eyes, attempting to gather herself enough to make a move.

Instead, more feelings flooded her. Terror. Violence. Agony.