Dark Arts

Fiona Starr

Fiona Starr

Three wolf shifters tormented by a deadly secret. Two worlds torn by a twisted legacy. One girl determined to choose her own fate.

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Read an excerpt from Dark Arts

When we step out of the shop, I am in such a daze, I walk right into a wall of man chest. The hint of woody aftershave and a touch of citrus fills my senses.

My hands grab his waist reflexively, and he wraps his arm around me to keep me from falling backward. My momentum makes me lean back and it’s as if we’re dancing and he’s lowering me into a dip.

He’s about a foot taller than me, built lean and strong like a baseball player, with blue eyes and long-ish dark hair that’s been brushed back off his face. He’s absolutely gorgeous but guarded. He doesn’t smile as he plants me back on my feet.

“Sorry, I should have been more careful,” he says, his voice low and soft.

“No, it’s my fault. I came rushing out without looking.” My heart races as he slides his hands off my hips.

“Hi, Van,” Roz says. “Why the long face?” She grins wickedly and arches an eyebrow at me.

He scowls at her. “Roz.”

“This is Joely. She’s new this year.” Van looks back at me and when our eyes meet, it’s like he’s looking through me and into my soul.

“Joely. Nice to meet you.”

I nod. I can still feel the heat where his fingers brushed my sides. It makes me want to reach out for him again, though I would never do it, especially with how his body language tells me that it would be a mistake.

The door of the first cottage opens and two more guys step out. One is blond, the other dark, and both of them are as stunning as Van. The blond walks over and smiles at us.

“Hey, I’m Angus. This is Marco.” The blond—Angus—is a few inches shorter than Van, and stockier, but he still towers over me. The other one, Marco, is built like a linebacker with broad shoulders and biceps that bulge under his sleeves. He’s about the same height as Angus, though he has darker hair and green eyes that give me the sense that he doesn’t miss a thing.