Dating an Angel

Abbey MacMunn

Abbey MacMunn

Hapless Evie Thomas died. But it’s all good because now she’s training to be an angel. There are only two snags—her teacher’s a hottie, and eternity is a long time to be alone.

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Caleb swiped the bottle from Evie’s hand.

“I think you’ve had enough wine, don’t you?”

The nerve of the guy. She grabbed it again, her fingers brushing against his as they played tug of war with the bottle. The touch of his skin sent delicious tingles over her entire body. Her pulse rate quickened.

“I’m nowhere near drunk enough yet. Where do you get off telling me what I should and shouldn’t do?”

“I am still training you to be a good angel whether you like it or not,” he said through gritted teeth. He snatched the bottle from her with such force it tipped towards him, splashing red wine over his shirt. He vented a growl.

“Now look what you’ve made me do.” His wine-soaked shirt clung to his skin.

Evie couldn’t take her eyes off the hint of impressive pecs through the fabric. Her anger vanished in favour of something akin to arousal. She swallowed.

“Sorry about your shirt.” Her voice came out all squeaky. He glanced up, frowning. She blew out a slow breath, trying to focus.

“Take your shirt off. I’ll run it under the tap before it stains.”

A ghost of a smile toyed with his mouth as he unbuttoned his shirt. Maybe she was drunk, maybe the signals he was giving off were all in her imagination, but what if they weren’t…?

He removed his shirt, easily slipping his magnificent wings from the specially made concealed slits. His intense gaze fixed on her. Her belly fluttered.

Well-toned muscles rippled on lightly-tanned skin, smooth and hair-free, defining his six-pack to perfection, but what intrigued her more were the scars and tattoos; skulls with flaming hair, blood-red roses with daggers spearing through them, evil-looking creatures with obsidian, soulless eyes.

Kind of scary. Kind of sexy too.