Lost Wolf

Mila Young

Mila Young

And instead, I meet four Viking Wolves who want to do dirty things to me. While helping me get revenge…Things are about to get steaming hot!!

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Read an excerpt from Lost Wolf

For all I know, these Alphas are killers.

So why aren’t I more fearful of Nikos? Why does my body buzz with anticipation when I can just imagine he’s been with dozens of women? Why is my wolf stirring, suddenly more interested in him than she should be?

He kisses me suddenly, and another moan slips past my throat. My body softens against him, my chest pushing into his like it has a mind of its own.

Maybe I’ve been wrong to think that only one man will drive me this insane, except whatever is happening between us is all attraction. His mouth is wicked and on fire, kissing me insatiably, licking and tasting all of me.

I have never been kissed this way in my life. Goddess, he is making me rethink every emotion I’ve ever felt except for the hunger thumping through my veins, collecting between my thighs.

He grips my chin with his other hand and leaves a trail of pecks down to my neck.

“Consider my offer, Omega.” Next thing I know, he pulls away, drawing his hand from my hair, from my jaw, and studies me for a long moment.

“Your lips are beautiful when they are full and red from my kiss.” His gaze dips down my body, pausing right on the apex between my legs, and he smirks.

As quickly as he came to me, he steps into the shadows and makes his way back to camp. I collapse against the tree, my heart thundering in my chest, my mouth bruised from how hard he kissed me.

What the hell did I just do? He’s not a guy to get close to. He’s the enemy, a man who will walk over me.