Rogue Alliance

Lia Davis

Lia Davis

Addictive characters with sass and alpha male egos. Explicit love scenes between three consenting adults. Naughty language. And an edge of your seat thrill ride that will leave you begging for more.

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Read an excerpt from Rogue Alliance

Ashley held up an index finger as she rose from her seat.

“First of all, it’s not a frenzy. It is amazing. Plus, Chaos is a blessing from the moon goddess. Blessing every wolf with the promise of love, family, and future of happiness.”

“But it hasn’t happened in nine years. That has to affect the wolves negatively, right?”

Ashley nodded, dropping her shoulders.

“The longer unmated wolves go without finding their mate, the more desperate they get.” She perked up a bit and added, “It’s coming this year. I have to believe it will.”

For my bestie’s sake, I hoped so. She and Brody had been trying for a pup for nine years.

Without Chaos, it was harder to get pregnant. It was one of the things I asked the Universe for.

That and to keep me safe from Ben. Maybe I should ask for the strange to kill the son of a bitch. That thought was proof that I’d lived with wolves for the last three years.

And if Chaos came this year, dating the Alpha wolf wasn’t a risk I was willing to take, no matter how hot he was.

My heart couldn’t take the disappointment again. If it shattered this time, I wasn’t sure I could bear to pick up the pieces a second time.