Aidy Award

Aidy Award

I’ve been thrown into a supernatural prison with no memories and no escape. The men who rescue me from being claimed by greedy packs make me feel safe. But now the Dark Price of Wolves wants me dead.

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Read an excerpt from Unclaimed

August lifts my hands where I’d been holding him to me and gives my wrist a quick kiss.

“Go to them.” It is going to take some getting used to having someone else in my head.

But August’s words feel so much more intimate when he speaks into my mind and it makes me go all squishy inside. My heart is all gooey for him and I am so looking forward to the mating.

He gives me a little shove forward and I hurry over to Vasily and Joachim. I try to take the robes from Vasily because I want to drape them over Joachim and encourage him to shift back so we can talk. Vasily won’t give them to me. He’s tugging back like we’re playing a game.

“Hey, let go. I’m only trying to help.” I give the robes a yank and now I am thinking Vasily is a pet, because why would a man play tug with someone’s clothes like this?

He finally lets go and I stumble back. I kinda want to smack him on the nose.

Sigh. He’s such a sweet defender. I can’t forget how he was ready to sacrifice his life for mine hours after he met. If anyone is going to be my rock on this island, it’s this pup.

And by pup I mean big ass scary looking wolf who’s eyeing me like his next meal. If he does turn out to be a shifter, that’s when I’ll smack him on the nose for keeping himself hidden from me.