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One woman holds the key to making the fallen angels whole again…unless she allows the ghosts from the past to keep her from her future.
Life lesson: Never get between a wolf and his mate. You won't enjoy it.
I just died…and ended up with a one way ticket to the Academy for Reapers. But first I have to pass my trial.
If you like impossible odds, wilderness planets, blue-skinned aliens and the tension of fated mates, you’ll love Protected by the Alien Space Pirate.
One bite will change their lives forever.
A sword-wielding Cinderella, an enchanting Beauty, and a villain who might not be so bad after all…
Magic, destiny and romance combine in this bestselling action-packed fantasy series!
Life has never been so dangerous. Good thing Violca’s about to meet her dragon.
When you’re so bad at cooking that you summon a demon…