Pick of the Pack Archive

A magical heritage. A threat in the forest. A sudden burst of powers.
When a pair of magical skates helps me find my fated mates, the last thing I expect is to get rejected, betrayed, and framed for a crime I didn't commit.
She wants to bang a werewolf, not become one.
Just my luck. My first client as a new Blood Courtesan is the Rock Star I’ve crushed on since I was a teen. Only he wants nothing to do with me.
Never again must a blood witch be allowed to gain power.
He was marked by the gods to protect her...
I've broken all the rules at the academy.
Spirit shifters are killed at birth. I survived...
Dragon shifter Lachlan McKinney likes his logical and organized — not turned upside-down by the impulsive beauty who awakens forbidden passions... *** Buy the ebook - get the matching audiobook at a huge discount! ***