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Alone on a spaceship with a blue-skinned, musclebound male.
It’s just a scratch from the alpha – a scratch that transforms the witch forever.
Fueled by desire, driven by rage. This Mating season won't got down easy.
Their passion is sizzling, the temptation too strong to resist, but is she safe with him?
Magic & Mayhem I can handle, two men trying to claim my heart...not so much.
When Saint realizes his mistake about her identity, can he convince the stunning Holly to give him a second chance?
The law of the jungle doesn't say anything about how many mates a woman can take.
Can she tame her bear shifters or will she be their dinner?
I've broken all the rules at the academy.
Paris! City of dreams - or shifter nightmares?
He must choose: Save the woman who can redeem his own soul or save the world.
A cursed witch, a wolf shifter, and her sworn enemy, one tangled romance that could change everything…
Critter wrangler rule 7: Some monsters just have to die.
Two misfits struggling to craft a better future. A deadly cult intent on making them history.
Is she dangerous or in danger?
He was marked by the gods to protect her...
While the two princes of the dragon court vie for her affection, half-blood Rowen desperately attempts to hide her mystical abilities.