Savage Pride by Cecilia Lane

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A piercing betrayal. A devastating lie. Alpha lion Trent distrusts humans, but a human is his mate—worth fighting, dying, and forgiving for.

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“You’ll be safe,” Lindley reassured her. Almost too quietly to hear, he added, “Probably.”

Great. Her impromptu getaway was turning into an abduction scenario. And she’d happily started herself down the road to a secondary location like she wanted to get murdered. Her record of A+ judgment continued.

She paused between one step and the next, head whipping around.

Paw prints marked the snow heading away from the house. Big ones. She didn’t need her veterinarian knowledge to tell they belonged to a cat of some variety. She also didn’t need to be a big-game hunter to see they were filling in from the snow, so were at least a little old.

Fine by her. She’d already started her murder mystery tour. The longer she spent away from her fangy demise, the better.

“The fuck is this, Lin?”

She twisted around to find a man standing on the corner of the porch. A very naked man. With a very long…


Hailey yanked her eyes away from the man’s swinging junk.

Angry face. And chiseled jaw. And messy, dirty blond hair. Plus a freaking eight pack of abs because that was reasonable and fair to the regular human men of the world, right along with his apparent immunity to shrinkage in a damn blizzard!

“I got stranded on the road,” she forced out of her mouth. Both men turned to her. She kept her eyes somewhere above their heads. “I just need to make a call.”

His hands curled into fists at his sides. “You bring a human, here, to my den?”

Oh, the air crackled around him. Not the pleasant kind she wanted from a fireplace, either. He was all intense rage and danger that set the alarm bells in her head blaring louder than air raid sirens.

Breathe, she reminded herself. Breathe.

Except the good ol’ inhale and exhale summoned his attention. Hailey lifted her chin under the scrutiny of his flashing eyes and lip lifted in a snarl.

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