Next-Door Incubus by Destiny Diess

He’s haunting her nights with his devilish black eyes — and he’s hiding a dangerous secret that may cost Dani her life.

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“Dani, Dani, Dani,” Eros said, stepping closer to me.

For some ungodly reason, I couldn’t get myself to step back into the bathroom and slam the door in his face. Instead, I stared up at him, thinking about how close we were to each other and how hard my heart was beating inside my chest.

Half of his face was shadowed by the dim light above us, giving him a dark, dangerous, almost devilish look. He leaned down slightly to brush his nose against mine. “I haven’t left your mind since Sunday, have I?”

This was sin. Pure sin.

“You’re acting stupid now, Eros,” I finally got out.

“Am I?” he asked, his lips mere inches away. Heat radiated off of them, hitting me in waves. He curled his fingers around my waist the way he did Sunday morning, making me hot and bothered in all the right places.

All I could smell was his sweet cinnamon scent.

“Yes,” I whispered. “You are.”

He stepped even closer, one foot between mine, his waist pressing into the side of my hip. “I’ve been dreaming of all the dirty things I would do to you, how I’d make you beg, how I’d make you scream out as I tormented this pretty little body of yours.” His fingers burned on my skin. “Don’t tell me you haven’t dreamt of the same thing.”

I clenched my jaw, my eyes closing so softly, and took a shaky breath.
All I had dreamt about these past few nights was Eros as a charming, irresistible demon from Hell with large curved horns and ominous black eyes, not the sinful human standing before me.

He trailed his fingers up the sides of my body until they reached my lips. He brushed his thumb against my bottom lip, making it tingle. “… so soft, tender…”

Those words… those were the same ones he had said in my dream.

He grasped my face gently and gazed down at me. Every sinful thing that I wanted him to do to me flashed through my mind. His lips on mine, his long slender fingers tormenting my body, everything.

When I gathered enough strength, I pulled myself out of the damn trance he seemed to put me in every single time we were close and glared up at him. “I am not.”

“Whatever you say.”

I pressed my lips together. “I’m not!”

He dropped his hands and turned away from me with that damn smirk on his stupid face. I crossed my arms over my chest. I couldn’t believe him. No—scratch that—I couldn’t believe myself.

All those days of Sunday school, all those late Saturday nights at church with Mom listening to a priest preach about a devil that I didn’t think existed, thinking about how weak those people who fell into temptation were.

But what I knew now was certain…

The devil wasn’t real, but temptation sure was.

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