Kari, Silver Skates by Elena Gray


House sitting for Willow was supposed to be easy and fun. Instead, someone's playing tricks on me and I keep ending up naked in strange places with hot guys. And not just normal men, but a brooding god of the underworld, an 18th century Highlander and a swoon-worthy dragon shifter – although maybe that’s not so bad.

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My moan filled the shower as the hot water soaked into my muscles. I turned and walked into the spray of water, letting it wash over my face, and drenching my long hair. Feeling the life gradually come back into my body, I lathered shampoo into my hair and began to sing It’s Raining Men. Making up words where I couldn’t remember them. I closed my eyes as the suds began to drip down my face and used my hand as a microphone while I belted out the chorus. The one part I did know all of the words to.

I was just about to hit the high note when without warning the water stopped flowing, abruptly cutting off the words to the song.
Goddess in my closet, please don’t tell me there was a water main break while I have soap in my hair and eyes. I fumbled around for the shower handle only to find something else was hard in my grip.

I swiped my free hand over my eyes then snapped them open. Only to find myself no longer in the shower, but standing outside with a kilted man’s junk cradled in my palm.

I held my breath and slowly dragged my gaze up an off-white linen shirt stretched tight over taught abs and hardened pecs. Long brown hair hung in waves past broad shoulders, before finally settling on rich brown eyes hooded with desire.

Praise the gods, this had to be a wet dream. I’d read Outlander a dozen times and fantasized about having hot dirty sex with a gorgeous Highlander. And now my time was finally here.

“Where did ye come from and why were ye screeching like a banshee?” The Highlander asked in an irritated tone.

My mouth fell open.

A banshee?

My fantasy had lasted all of five seconds.

“Ye warned the redcap I was hunting,” he accused as his eyes skimmed my naked body and a predatory smile curled his lips. “Though this day may still end in my favor. Perhaps ye are the baobhan sith I’ve been searching for? Based on the way yer squeezing my cock I would guess I’m right.”

In horror, my eyes darted to where my hand was currently massaging his balls. I released them and stumbled backward, a blob of soap sliding down my temple. Why on earth had I still been holding on to him?

Afraid to release his intense stare, I finally tuned in to my surroundings. The coarse grass beneath my bare feet, the heavy smell of wood smoke in the air and the sound of a hammer striking metal in the distance.

A knot formed in the pit of my belly. This was most definitely not a dream. Mine were never this vivid. Although if it was, it didn’t seem to be the naughty kind. Unless running for your life was something you were into.

I knew for a fact I was no longer in Silver Springs. But then how did I end up in Scotland? While I had never been to Scotland before, I assumed people no longer dressed like this in modern day. What year was this…

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