TitleWerewolves 101 by Marisa Claire


Can she maintain her sanity in a place that is incredibly insane?

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My butt came down hard on the prickly forest floor.

My bare butt.

Looking down, I found my usual human body and all its associated human parts right where they ought to be, but completely exposed to the hot breeze blowing through the clearing—and the pair of wolves staring at me. I clamped my legs together and pulled my knees up to my chest, while the sane inner voice I’d always treasured so much whispered that this modesty was completely ridiculous since wolves undoubtedly tore the clothes off their victims before consuming their flesh anyway.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry, forgive me,” the black wolf said—still somehow inside my head—and scrunched his amber eyes shut. “Tell me when you’re dressed.”

My mouth fell open.

The white wolf shot the black wolf a look that could only be described as the lupine version of an eye roll. Then it closed its eyes, too.

Okay, yeah, time to wake up. I clenched my own eyes shut and then popped them open as hard as I could.

The wolves were still there, eyes closed and heads politely averted.

“Cherish?” Now the voice in my head sounded female and uncomfortably sexy. “Do you have this poor girl’s clothes for her?”

“Right here!” Another female voice appeared inside my head, but also somehow behind me, and also… like her mouth was full?

I peeked over my shoulder just in time to see the shape of an upright bear waddling down the same tunnel I had emerged from just moments ago.

My eyes bulged in their sockets. Tremors ran up and down my spine, and my legs turned into useless noodles. Wake the hell up, Remi!

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