Claimed By The Reaper by Mary Rush


My brother is hunting my fated mate. I need her to trust me, so I can protect her.

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I waved my hand, drawing on angel magic again. Sparkles flew out of my finger tips and descended onto Stephanie and Brandon. She slowly put down the phone and went back to typing on her computer. Brandon walked back to the couch and sat, a sappy smile pasted on his face.

Heather stopped fighting. “What’s wrong with them?” Fear dripped in her lowered voice.

“They’re fine. I promise.” I led her into the office and then slowly released her. “I won’t hurt you.”

She half stumbled and the ran to her desk. Panting, she stared at him. “What do you want you?”

“I told you before–I want to help you. I know what’s hunting you and making your patients turn into cold blooded killers, including your sister.”

She lifted her chin up high. “My sister wasn’t a murder.”

“You’re right. She was possessed.”

Her face paled and she slowly sat in her chair. I cursed myself for blurting that something was hunting her. Subtlety was never my forte.

“What are you?”

“I’m a reaper and you’re my mate.”

Her mouth dropped and blood drained from her face.

“Stay away from me.”

Her soft voice chilled my heart and I regretted telling her the truth, but mates don’t lie to each other.

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