Moonlit Nephrite by Mia Harlan & Eva Delaney


My ex said I was a failure. I proved him wrong by opening a magical cafe. When it might get shut down, can my four fated mates help save it?

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Chapter 1


A muscular arm wraps around my waist. Its owner pulls me against a warm, hard chest. And something else warm and hard pulses against my ass.

My eyes fly open.


I don’t mean the dick trying to push its way between my denim-clad butt cheeks. I’m talking about the dick’s owner, Dick. As in Richard, my ex. He’s the only man who’s ever spent the night in my bed, and the whole time we were together, he treated me like manure.

The thought of letting Dick—and his dick—into my pants makes me want to barf.

So why the hackamore am I still lying in his arms like the meek little pony he’s always wanted me to be?

“Get your hooves off me and get out of my bed!” I buck, kicking my hind legs. Technically, I only have one set of legs in human form, but I’m a pony shifter through and through.

He grunts, and somehow, his thigh lands between mine, so I end up riding it. And inadvertently rubbing it against my core. The motion sends waves of unwanted heat pulsing through me, followed by nausea and an ear-splitting headache.

Horse manure! I haven’t been this hungover since college. How drunk did I get? And what the hackamore happened last night?

I remember doing shots with Bas at Flare nightclub, right here in Moonlit Falls, halfway across the country from Dick. But if my ex isn’t the guy in my bed, then who is?

I dislodge the strong, muscular arm still wrapped around my waist and roll away from him.

“Nephrite?” he groans. His voice is distinctly male, distinctly familiar, and distinctly horrified.

“Bas?” I spin around to face Sebastian Bassett, my best friend. My very platonic best friend. “Thank the horses. I thought you were Dick.”

“Definitely not Dick. Wait, why am I in your bed?” His eyes snap down to his own crotch in horror. It takes him a few seconds to make sure he’s wearing pants, and his face floods with relief. I don’t take his reaction personally.

Sure, Bas is hot. Like a girl’s wet dream kind of hot. His thick brown hair is rumpled from sleep. His long, thick eyelashes fan his eyes. He’s got this perfect amount of stubble along his cheeks and his hard, angular jaw. His tanned biceps bulge as he stretches. And his Not a Vampire t-shirt rises, revealing rock-hard abs.

My heart stops and restarts again. But that’s how every woman—and probably a sizable chunk of men—in Moonlit Falls reacts when they look at Bas.

Would I hook up with him if he was interested? If he wasn’t my best friend, sure. But we do everything together—including run my new cafe—so that makes him off limits. Plus, he’s never wanted me in that way. Scratch that. For as long as I’ve known him, Bas has never wanted anyone in that way.

My eyes drop to his crotch. The way his morning wood is straining against his jeans would have made the old me blush. But I’m not the meek little pony Dick wanted me to be. And I’ve made it my goal in life to never act like one ever again.

“I’m flattered,” I tease Bas with a pointed look at his morning wood. Very early morning wood, if the pale dawn over the misty lake is any indication.

Bas’s face flames, and he mutters something under his breath. He does that a lot—the whole muttering thing—so I’m used to it. What I’m not used to is how his cock keeps shifting around in his pants. It’s pushing against the zipper, almost like it’s reaching for me. It really is too bad his reaction is purely physiological—but it does raise a very important question.

“Hey, Bas? Would you still get morning wood if you slept with an old lady who didn’t have any teeth?”

“What the fuck, Neph?” My best friend frowns.

A few years ago, I would have blushed scarlet. Now, I just shoot my bestie a wink. “I was just curious.”

Bas mutters something unintelligible under his breath. But he’s smiling. At least he is until he grimaces and rubs his forehead. Guess I’m not the only one who’s hung over… though mine is already starting to dissipate. Definite pony perks.

“Come on, Basset Hound. Spill. Would you still get morning wood if you woke up next to someone super ugly?”

“Oh, um, yeah, sure.” Bas glances at the door that leads downstairs to the cafe. “Does your head feel like it’s going to explode?”

“A little.” But my mind is racing at full speed ahead. “What if it was a ghost who kept going oooohhhhh and boooooo all night long?”

Check prices before you buy.