All Shot To Hell by Mila Young


Playing devil's advocate with three demons? There's no way I am ever going to win…

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“I was trying. But you take everything so seriously.”

“No, I don’t,” he says, his tone confident, eyes guarded and drifting down my body and back up, pausing on my lips. “I just… have a lot on my mind.”

“Y-yeah?” The inferno in my gut melts through me and collects between my thighs, my chest heaving up and down with rapid breaths. “We all do, don’t we?”

He sighs, head turning toward the house. “I suppose you’re right.”
I quickly take my hand back from his arm. “I think you just need to take a moment and chillax.”

“Chillax?” His brows pinch.

“You know… Chill out and relax?” I say. “You should try it sometime.”

He studies me for a long moment, then his gaze starts to wander. A phantom touch traces down the valley of my breasts, covering me in goosebumps.

Unexpectedly, his hand hooks around the back of my neck, forcing me toward him. Body to body, we press together, my breasts squashed against his strong chest, while he forces my head back so I’m staring up at him. “You want to know what relaxes me, Aria? A hunt.”

My throat dries. “A… hunt?”

He smirks. “I’ll give you to the count of ten. It’s only fair.”

I choke on my next breath. “W-what are you talking about? Count of ten?” My heart drums loudly in my chest with trepidation.

There’s a hunger in his eyes from this deranged game he’s playing, the animal within him waiting to pounce, catch, and devour. “And when I catch you, you are mine.”

I shudder at the seductiveness and fear his words bring. I shove my hand against him, but he doesn’t release me.

“Are you crazy?”

His smile spreads into a full, toothy grin.


A tremor of anticipation runs through me. God, what is wrong with me? I don’t even know what this mad man will do to me.

He throws back his head, laughing, the muscles in the arm that holds me flexing. “Okay, one rule only. You can’t run into the house or you forfeit automatically.”

I blink at him in disbelief. “Where am I supposed to go, then?”

“You’ll have to figure it out.”

“No way,” I snap. “I’m not playing this ridiculous game with you.”

He releases me, and I stumble away. “Ten.”

Shit. I’m frozen on the spot, my pulse a raging river.

“I’m not doing this!”

He licks his lips, and my mind races. Where should I go? What do I do? I don’t want to play this game of his. There’s no way I’ll win.

“Better start running, little rabbit.” A slow, cruel smile twists his mouth. “Nine.”

I turn and run. I don’t even know where I’m going, but I’m careening around the massive mansion, my heart beating frantically and my feet shoving into the soft grass.

I glance over my shoulder. Elias isn’t giving chase yet, but I can hear him counting in the distance.


He was just on nine! Of course he’d cheat. I should’ve expected that.

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