Night Kissed by Mila Young

A vampire.
A fallen angel.
A demon.
And me.

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I laughed, unable to help it. She found a way to deepen my burgeoning fascination at every turn. Reckless, ignorant, self-endangering, and funny! How had it taken so long for this rare sort of woman to fall—almost literally—into my hands? She could not be permitted to stray too far from watchful eyes unless I wanted to risk losing her. But at the same time, I suspected she’d come back on her own even if I set her free.

After all, she had been unable to stay away once already. 

The girl glanced to the side as I appraised her. When she had spoken, there were no fangs of any kind I could see, just the smooth, ineffectual even pearls of her teeth all humans carried. Yet the longer I stood so close to her, the greater I sensed something unusual, a characteristic I didn’t recognize in her. Not to mention, no humans would stand before me without trembling with fear. 

“Who are you, gorgeous?” For now, I kept my tone gentle and safe. Those great, jeweled eyes shifted back to mine. Her brows knit.

“Save the compliments, Romeo. My name is Veronica.” She paused, holding my gaze. How fascinating seeing I haven’t even tried to charm her yet. “By the way, I’m not giving you anything. Especially not what it looks like you’re thinking. And you didn’t answer my earlier question about what you’re doing here.” Veronica’s whole body was tense with frigid anticipation. One hand had curled into a tight fist. On the surface, she might have seemed calm, but underneath was a cornered animal, ready to fight her way out, tooth and nail. 

“We’re out for a stroll.” I grinned. Not discouraged, I slid my gaze over the side of her neck and over her throat. The blood pulsed through her carotid artery. I could hear it, smell it at being only a couple of feet apart. A shadow of the rich, metallic taste hovered on the surface of my tongue. My mouth began to water. But beneath that lay something new, something dangerous, something tempting. I narrowed my gaze on her. Veronica was so much more than a human. I didn’t quite understand it, but a shadow lingered beneath the surface. Who exactly was she?

“Is there nothing I can do to change your mind to come home with me?”

“You have nothing I want.” She held her chin high, her hands stiff by her side, and I didn’t miss her gaze sweeping over the three of us constantly. She was watching our every move.

Her words had told me one thing very clearly, but the signals from her body, the heightened heartbeat, the faintest hint of red that shaded her cheeks said something else entirely. “It would be a damn shame to waste a body with so much potential.” 

“I’m not here for your entertainment.” Veronica’s face reflected disgust and disdain at the same time her pulse sped up.

I knew that I had her in the palm of my hand, no matter how hard a fight she thought she was putting up. Not to mention that all together, we had her outnumbered and outclassed.

“Then what do you want? To spy on us?”

She gave no response, but the truth showed itself at the corner of her mouth, curling upward ever so slightly. The fire was back in her eyes as she stared daggers, first at me, Seth, then at Logan. Ever dispassionate, they gazed back at her.

“I could have you killed,” I replied.

“For crossing paths with you out here?” She pursed her lips in a mocking expression looking like she might break out laughing.

“You should just do it.” Seth spoke up at last, pushing his way into our sphere. He stood at my shoulder and glowered down at the captive. Smoke rose from his nostrils, wreathing around his face. “What a waste of time. Bring her home, or let’s chuck her in there too.” On the last word, he jerked his thumb over his shoulder toward the icy river thundering along at his back. I glanced at the surface of the water just in time to see the last of a pale, slightly mottled hand disappear below the current. 

“Enough,” I warned.

The demon grunted and fell silent, but I noticed that he, too, was transfixed by her sensuous beauty. His expression betrayed the naked lust I felt stirring within me. To see him want her so openly enraged me. 

That was the moment I decided that I wanted to make her mine—in body and in spirit.

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