The Wolf's Witch by Rachel Medhurst


Small town witch Della is already almost broken when her brother accidentally kills a werewolf, attracting the wrath of her enemy, the Brighton Pack alpha, Malone.

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“Let me in,” he squeezed through gritted teeth.

I raised my eyebrows and shook my head slowly. “What? So you can carry out your duty to your pack by slaughtering me? Even though I didn’t ask to be turned.”

A growl rose up his throat as his top lip lifted slightly. His stubble was longer, starting to create a dark shadow that covered the bottom half of his face. If he wasn’t careful, his dimple would be hidden soon.

And yet, I licked my lips as his aggressive energy pulsed towards me, firing my insides. I must have had brain damage from the shift. What else would explain the overwhelming attraction I had towards the dangerous man?

“You’ve been crying.” Lifting his arm, he leant his elbow against the doorframe and rested his forehead against his wrist, his smouldering eyes watching me.

My mouth opened to reply, ready to defend myself, but his unexpected observation left me stumped. And a little tingly.

“Please,” he murmured, “let me in.”

“So you can kill me?” I whispered back.

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, his eyes becoming hooded. He stared at me, his gaze boring into mine, searching for my soul. I couldn’t tear my eyes away as warmth spread throughout my chest.

Clearing his throat, he broke the connection as he stood straight and frowned at me. “I have your phone. Plus, I still need you to heal my friend. His wolf magic isn’t healing him.”

I dipped my gaze, tracing the thin red welt on my palm. I’d only cut it moments before and it was already healing. The wolf magic that was now embedded in my DNA would keep me safe from terrible injury. Unless someone shot me with a pure silver bullet or my alpha tore out my throat.

Shuddering, I thought of Drake, who was safe and unaware of what had happened to me. Would he be disgusted by his hybrid witch sister? I had certainly paid my dues when it came to his accident.

“So, you don’t think that changing me into a–?”

Reaching out his hand, Malone placed a finger over my lips. I gasped as the protection spell flinched, allowing his arm to push through. How the hell had he broken the barrier?

A shocked smile crossed his lips before he stepped inside, his tall thick body standing almost flush against mine.

Backtracking as hot fiery heat blasted between us, I almost choked. No one, let alone a werewolf, had ever managed to come into my shop without my permission.

Check prices before you buy.