Shifter's Valentine by Rebecca Rivard

A sexy, broody shifter. A human with a cracked heart. Can they find love on Valentine's Day–or will his dark past catch up with them?

They’d reached the restaurant. Chico rounded the SUV to open the door for her.

Jenny hopped out and their bodies collided. “Oops,” she said with a low chuckle, and then stilled, staring up at him, watchful as a doe.

Chico brought his hands up, slowly, carefully. Her hair was in its usual braid. He drew his thumb and first finger down it. It felt exactly as he’d imagined. Smooth, heavy silk.

He released the braid to run his knuckles down her cheek. Her skin was soft and a little chilled from the cold. He cupped her face, instinctively trying to warm her.

His gaze dropped to her mouth. She had something red and shiny on her lips that made them look supremely edible.

He caressed her face. “I want to kiss you.”

She moistened her lips, then dipped her chin in assent.

He lowered his head, and she tilted hers so that their mouths met at the perfect angle. He traced the seam of her lips with his tongue.

Deus, she tasted good. Like sunshine and summer fruit.

Her breath quickened. Her mouth parted and he slid his tongue inside. She was moist and warm. Heat balled in his stomach.

Slow, he told himself. Slow and easy.

But his cock was hard enough to drill nails.

He curled his tongue around hers and then withdrew. Her fingers gripped his leather jacket and he ached to feel them on his body. But he’d asked her to dinner.

Her eyes were shut. He pressed a kiss to each eyelid and then turned toward the restaurant.

“Food. I promised you a meal.”