Dragon Savior by Riley Storm

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Their world might be falling apart, but he’ll be with her until the end…

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He watched them come.

“I wish you didn’t have to be here,” he said quietly.

Qymm stirred. “Thank you.”

Ivar blinked, tearing his gaze from the oncoming wave of death to stare at his mate. “What are you thinking me for? There’s nothing to thank me for, for this.”

Qymm leaned her head against his shoulder. “For accepting that I belong here, even if you don’t want me here. For knowing that this is where I need to be.”

“Of course it is,” he said. “I hate it. I long to do whatever I need to, to get you on a truck out of here. But I’m not stupid, Qymm. I know who you are. I know what you are. I just wish you didn’t have to die.”

“And you think I don’t feel the same about you?” she asked.

He shrugged. “I guess.”


Leaning in, he kissed her fiercely. Behind him, the massive gun went off again. Pulling back slowly from Qymm, he stared at the grim determination on her face. 

“I suppose, if he can take some of them out, it’s only fair if we do as well,” he said to Qymm, jerking his head at the war vet who was cackling wildly from the wall as he downed another enemy.

“Go get them,” she said, trying hard to mask her frustration at not being included.

“Your time will come,” he said.

“We shall see,” Qymm replied, but she stepped back from the edge of the walls.

Ivar went to the front. He placed his hands out in front of him, eyes half-closing. Above them, the storm raged, the green Fae clouds pushing hard against the storm clouds of the defenders. The earth dragons were resting, waiting until the very end to be called upon, so that their energy reserves had the longest time to replenish.

Which meant it was time for the other dragons to earn their keep. Frost formed between Ivar’s hands and, with a deep breath, he exhaled through the gap between his fingers. Power flowed through that breath, and a stream of ice shot across the distance to impact upon the battlefield. Ivar continued to slowly let his breath out, moving his hands left and right.

Wherever they went, the field was instantly coated in ice. Rock. Earth. Grass. Fae. Amplified by the power coalescing between his hands, anything his breath touched froze solid. 

Along the lines, other frost dragons were doing the same. The greenish-yellow of the farmers’ fields swiftly became a winter wonderland, complete with rank upon rank of frozen Fae, unable to move.

Yet more came on. Climbing over their brethren, or smashing through the ranks, crushing the ice statues into tiny pieces. There was no regard for casualties among the Fae. They just did not care.

Eventually, the frost dragons stopped their attacks. The Fae let up a roar and began charging across the final hundred feet to the wall. They could sense it, they were almost there.

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