Holiday Furever by Sedona Venez


A sassy human determined to save her grandparents’ ski-resort. A shifter and his newly adopted children celebrating Christmas as a pack for the first time. Together, they bring back the festive magic of the holidays.

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“Let’s sit by the fire,” Dolan suggested.

He ushered me over to the living room area and down onto the couch positioned across from the fireplace, separated only by a wooden coffee table. Even from this distance, I could feel the heat of the flames, and I watched the way the firelight illuminated portions of his handsome, chiseled face—the tops of his cheekbones—while casting others into shadow, like the bow of his mouth.

His eyes gleamed as he faced me, setting his half-empty mug aside. “Come here.”

Placing my mug on the table, I shivered deliciously at the dominant command in his voice and drew closer. He cradled my face in his hands before kissing me softly. Heat simmered low in my belly as he slid his tongue inside my mouth. I moaned at the scrumptious taste of him, mixed with the chocolate and sugar and whiskey.

“I love the way you taste,” he growled.

I clung to him as he devoured me. A bead of sweat trickled down between my breasts. I wanted my dress off.

Dolan made an indistinct sound of approval in his throat as I began pulling off my dress. His eyes locked on to me, and I froze with the garment halfway up my belly. I knew that I was beautiful, but Dolan’s body was a masterpiece. A wave of self-consciousness struck me.

His molten eyes gentled. “Come on, darling,” he coaxed. “I want to see you.”

I exhaled, then pulled my dress off the rest of the way, revealing the lacy black lingerie I wore beneath.

I held my breath as he stared at me, his fiery eyes roaming every inch of my exposed flesh.

“Exquisite,” he murmured, sliding his enormous hands up and down my sides. His hands were firm and hot and sent shivers of feverish need across my skin. “You’re a goddess I’d like to worship for as long as you’ll allow me to.”

“Well, worship all you want.” I encouraged him with a saucy wink.

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