Art of the Hunt by Tami Lund


All Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, wants is to save humanity. When she inadvertently saves smokin’ hot Detective Hunter James’s life, she thinks he may be the perfect partner—in more ways than one. Problem is: he doesn’t believe the Greek gods are real.

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He took in Artemis, who stood over him, arms crossed over her chest, mouth scowling, brow wrinkled, eyes shooting sparks.

He stared at her red satin and lace outfit. That wasn’t what he’d given her to wear to bed. That was something that had never, ever been in his apartment before, at least not since he signed the lease. “What the hell are you wearing?”

She glanced down at herself. “Lingerie.” 

“What? Why? How the hell are you wearing lingerie?”

“I’m wearing it for you,” she replied, not really answering his questions.

“You… why?” Not that he didn’t appreciate it. Or rather, would appreciate it, if the circumstances were different. If he’d had some indication that she intended to seduce him or something. Not that he needed sex to be planned out, exactly, but a little warning would have been nice.

Christ, what was this woman doing to him?

She flapped her hand in the direction of the bedroom. “You changed your sheets. And invited me to sleep in your bed. Which I did, by the way. Is that why you are out here?”

She was talking a mile a minute, and his brain wasn’t yet fully awake. What time was it, anyway? There wasn’t a halo of light around the blinds to indicate that dawn had arrived. 


“You could have woken me up. You should have woken me up,” she snapped.


“So we could have sex!”

His jaw dropped open. He was surprised he couldn’t feel his chin scraping along the carpet. He closed his mouth, then opened it, then closed it again before shaking his head. “Artemis, I offered you my bed to sleep. Alone. I didn’t think—”

“That much is obvious.” 

Okay, he was officially irritated. This was not the sort of conversation one should ever have before coffee. He shoved the blanket off his legs, conscious of the fact that he was wearing only a T-shirt and boxer shorts. But hey, she was wearing sexy lingerie, so he didn’t bother to pull on a pair of jeans before heading to the kitchen.

But he stopped abruptly and then twisted around to face her. “Wait. Did you think…?” Holy shit. “Did you think we were going to sleep together?”

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