The Vampire's Fae by Valerie Twombly


For nearly two thousand years, Roman has waited for fate to bring him his mate. After he’s finally given up, she enters his life at the worst possible moment. The demon living inside him threatens to surface, and if he can’t keep it at bay, it may destroy everything in his path. Including her.

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Roman sat atop his steed. A black beast whose coat rivaled that of a moonless night. There was not one spec of color on Eclipse, which made him blend into the night like he owned it. It also appeared Eclipse frightened the girl who looked up at him with wide green eyes, or maybe it was him she was frightened of. Either way, her heart rate had sped up the moment she spotted them.

He leaned down. “How did you get here?”

She blinked thick, dark lashes several times. “Umm, I walked.” She looked around with confusion scrunching her pretty face.

He dismounted, using caution. There had to be some witchery behind the fact she was here, standing on his lands. She was human, but there was something else about her he was not quite able to put a finger on and that was the part that made him twitchy.

“Try again. Humans don’t simply walk here.”

“Well, that’s what I did. I know it’s been a while since I’ve been here, so if this is now private land, I’m truly sorry. You should put up no trespassing signs or a fence to warn people.” Her green eyes sparked with agitation on her last words.

He studied her further. Dressed in jeans, hiking boots and a pink hooded sweatshirt, she looked like someone out for a stroll. Still, he wasn’t about to let his guard down. There was no way in hell she simply crossed the veil into his world on her own. Someone was helping her, and he would find out who and to what ends.

The sound of hooves beating the ground came behind him, but Roman didn’t need to turn to see who approached. His link to his king told him Andrei was the one riding toward them. The girl took another step back, her heart rate increasing further. Good. Perhaps if she was frightened enough, she might talk and let slip who was behind this.

“Who do we have here?” Andrei asked from his steed.

“An intruder.”

“Look, I said I was sorry. I’ll just turn around and go back.” Then she did just that. Walking at a brisk pace in the direction she had come from.

“Are you letting her escape?” Andrei inquired with a slight hint of humor in his voice.

“Of course not.” Using his superior speed, he dismounted and took off. In a split-second, he was in front of her. She stumbled and planted her hands on his chest to keep from falling. Heat shot through him and caused him to snarl.

“What sort of witchery is this?” The inferno from her touch swept straight to his cock while the smell of wildflowers and morning dew wafted in the surrounding air. She was attempting to seduce him with her magic.

“What the hell?” She met his gaze, then shoved herself away. “How did you?” She looked behind her, then back at him.

“You will come with us and answer our questions.”

Her brows scrunched down. “The only place I am going is home.”

“I was not asking.”

“Just who the hell do you think you are?”

Well, well. She had some fire in her and while he found it sexy, he still had a job to do no matter what. “I know exactly who I am. I am the king’s guard. No one crosses the veil into our world on their own. You will come with me peacefully or kicking and screaming. Though I recommend the peaceful choice for your own safety.”

She blinked, the muscles in her neck moved up and down rapidly while her gaze flicked between him and Andrei. She was weighing her odds. Hopefully, she was smart enough to know when she held a shitty hand.

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