Desert Destiny

 Book #7

Wolf shifter Roy Taylor turned his back on his pack and the human world years ago, and he swore never to return. Life in the wild is so much simpler. No complex relationships, no conflicts, no compromise. It’s just him, the open desert, and the stars. But something — okay, someone — keeps pulling him back to a small, lonely house way out on the edge of town…

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Andy crested a rise in the desert and stood, taking it all in.All that space. All those stars. All there for her to soak in like a dream.
Once upon a time, the stars were her main attraction, but nowadays, she leveled her gaze at the ground.
“Are you out there, buddy?” Her heart skipped as she whispered into the night.
The bushes stirred, but it was only the wind.
She stood for one long, hopeful minute, then sank down to wait. To hope. To dream. She ate quickly, then sat with her knees pulled up to her chest and her chin on her arms, replaying the good and bad of the day. Then a soft chuff sounded, and she snapped up her head.
“There you are.” She burst into a grin. “Good to see you!”
An understatement, really, because her heart revved, and her spirit soared. Every time she saw her friend, childlike joy swept over her, and she smiled so broadly, her cheeks ached. Funny, what effect one canine could have on a girl.
Then again, it wasn’t every girl who had a wild wolf drop in to visit now and then.
Yes, a wolf. Not a coyote, as she’d thought the first time she’d spotted him pacing the perimeter of her place. An honest to God, grayish-brown wolf she’d taken to calling Buck, after the canine hero of The Call of the Wild, her childhood idol.
He chuffed again, and her mind translated the words.
Good to see you too. How are you doing tonight?
“Doing good now,” she whispered. “How about you? Everything okay?”
He flicked his ears and wagged his tail as if to say, Doing fine, thanks.