Book #1

Dani isn’t sure what frightens her more: aliens, vampires or dentists. Only to discover that there are much more dangerous beings in the Colony…and the hot alien vampire dentist might be exactly the hero she needs right now. Maybe even forever…

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“So what are the aliens like?” Dani demanded eagerly.

Flora rolled her eyes. “Mostly, they look like us. Just people. But some of them have different coloured skin, or horns, or fur, or scales, or you can see through them. Once I saw on the news this rescue worker just poofed out of nowhere, grabbed someone out of the crashed aircar, and then poof, they disappeared again. So at least one of them can teleport.”

“I wish one would teleport in here, so we could meet him!” Dani said.

Flora and Linnaea just shook their heads. “No, you don’t. This is our little enclave, where we’re safe. Out there in the city, anything could happen. I mean, it wasn’t too long ago that we were at war with the aliens, and the Watch break up fights every night. If aliens knew about us and this place, they’d teleport in here and kidnap you in a flash, a slave to their alien desires, and no one would ever see you again.”

“It can’t be any worse than farm work,” Dani said. “I mean, you’d spend all day in bed, and hardly wear any clothes so you wouldn’t need to do as much laundry. You might even get better food than protein bars.” She eyed hers with distaste.

“Fewer clothes to wash, but way more bed linen. Definitely not less laundry,” Iva said.

She eyed Linnaea’s swelling belly. She was the first pregnant girl among them, though not for long.

“What’s it like to make babies with an alien?” Dani asked.

Flora snorted. “The same as with a human, of course. Or weren’t you paying attention in sex ed class?”

“That was back on Earth. Before we knew we’d be doing it with aliens. So, what were his…man parts…like?”