Marked by the Panther

 Book #1

Disgraced from shifter black ops, Jaden struggles to find purpose. Especially after his battle buddy drops the perfect business endeavor he never wanted in his lap, and the first job goes awry. At the worst possible moment, his mate enters his life like a wrecking ball.

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His gaze burned into me. I knew nothing about this man other than his name, and he was my fated mate, but everything about this moment felt right. “What kind of shifter are you?”

“Hmm, that's not a concise question. Are you asking me about my behavioral nature much in the way you'd ask a man what kind of man he is, or are you asking me about my inner beast and what form it takes?” His thumb caressed my cheek. I tugged at my still pinned hands. It wasn't fair. I couldn't touch him back. “Sorry, no can do. If I let go of your hands, you'll tempt me and we can't have that.”

I laughed. “Me, tempt you, like you're not doing the exact same thing right now.”

Jaden rested his forehead against mine. “I'm still waiting for your question.”

“Answer both.”

“I'll answer one. Then, after another kiss, I'll answer the other.” He continued before I could protest. “My inner beast is a panther. Which means I like long walks in the woodlands, nights under the stars, and the occasional laser light to chase.”

A laugh escaped. I meant to protest, but I hadn't expected his joke. “Really, laser lights?”

“Oh yeah, they're awesome. Just like chasing the real thing.” The roguish smile that crossed his lips would have left me weak-kneed if I'd still been standing. “And we can't forget the catnip. I can see it already. You naked on my bed with a couple of sprigs of those tasty leaves… I'd be all over you.”

“Oh my god, you didn't just say that.” Jaden released my hands, then gripped my thighs.




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