Mermaid's Tail

Fifteen years ago, Asia was turned into a mermaid, against her will. Now, she has the opportunity to exact her revenge. But when she meets a human man named Conall she begins to question… everything.

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After a few moments’ hesitation, Conall stood and made his way over to her table. She glanced up and immediately began choking on whatever had been in her mouth.

“Oh shit,” he said and quickly slapped her back a few times, until she shoved his arm away and waved like she wanted him to give her a minute.

After she managed to get the hacking under control, she swiped at her eyes with her napkin and took a tentative sip of OJ. “Pardon me,” she wheezed out.

“My fault,” Conall said. “I shouldn’t have snuck up on you. May I sit?”

She hesitated. She very likely was on this ship with a partner, so he needed to keep his libido in check. Although if that were the case, why had Butch taken her to an empty cabin, where she’d remained—alone—for the rest of the night?

After a moment, she nodded at the chair perpendicular to hers, and he plopped down, promptly blurting out, “Are you single?”

He smacked himself on the forehead. “Sorry. Totally inappropriate. Sorry. Again.”

When he dared to glance at her, her lips were twitching, like she found him amusing. That was something.

“I am,” she finally answered. “Are you?”

“That answer seemed obvious by the way I’m acting around you. Christ, you’d think I’ve never been around a beautiful woman before.”

“You find me beautiful?”

“Breathtakingly so.”

Apparently, he was also on a starkly truthful roll.

“You’d think I’ve never hit on a woman before in my life.” Which was undoubtedly not winning him any favors.

She canted her head and studied him for seconds that stretched into days, until she abruptly said, “How do you feel about mermaids?”