Promise of Darkness

 Book #1

He was supposed to be a wicked prince. The enemy. But from the moment my mother sent me to his realm as part of a peace treaty, I knew he was meant to be mine….

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“A kiss once a day, for the next three months. No more, no less, unless you initiate it.” Prince Thiago says.

“My oath upon it,” I agree.

He graces me with a dangerous smile. “Come here.”

He hasn’t specified where, or how passionate it has to be. I can get through this and keep my dignity, and he’ll be forced by his own words to honor the pact.

Fine. Letting the borrowed cloak fall from my shoulders, I saunter toward him. The prince reclines in his chair, watching me with those darkly amused eyes.

This is the enemy. But this is also the price I’ll pay to keep myself safe. I rest a hand against his chest, leaning down to brush my lips perfunctorily against his. Soft lips brush against mine, but he doesn’t lean into the touch.

Tension radiates through him, his hands curling around the arms of his chair as if he’s fighting to restrain them. It’s a heady feeling, knowing I hold all the power. He cannot reach for me. He cannot touch me. Not without permission.

“Well?” Thiago tilts his face to mine, breath whispering over my lips. It’s the faintest of caresses, barely a kiss, and we both know it. And yet it holds a taste of the forbidden, a reckless, pinwheeling sensation that feels like I’m skating on ice without knowing how thin it is….

His thumb brushes against the inside of my wrist, and I swallow. Hard. All it would take would be for him to pull me down into his lap, and then I’d be at his mercy. It’s a heady feeling, knowing how much power I could wield with a simple “yes” or “no.”

And it is a no. It has to be. “You have your kiss.”

Thiago releases me, smiling slightly. “Is that what you call it in your mother’s court? Oh, Princess…. What I could teach you about kissing….”