Protected by the Gargoyle

 Book #4

Demons are out there.

Don’t ask Janie how she knows. She wants to forget all about them and stay in her nice little bubble.

But when her friend has a premonition about a demon, Janie must take precautions. So she asks gargoyle shifter Arto to train her in self defense.

Only the very training that’s supposed to protect her backfires when Janie accidentally summons a demon. 

Read what happens next in this paranormal adventure with fated mates, a secret love, danger, romance, and suspense!

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Janie spotted an illustration like the red, horned demon that had captured her. She stared at the monster, and it took several deep breaths before she could speak. “This looks like the one who kidnapped me.” 

Raising her chin, she shook off the anxiety. She wouldn’t be afraid. Beneath the image, she read words aloud and attempted to pronounce the words in a language she didn’t recognize.

A chill crept over her skin, although no windows were open. She glanced around the room for the source of it. A fan or air conditioner? Nothing.

When she glanced at the book, dark wispy smoke swirled up from the pages. The ink of the words she’d read floated upward, separating above the surface of the page. Unease slithered along her spine.

“Arto?” Her voice trembled. “Did I do something?”

He moved closer. “Oh no. No, no, no.” His voice lowered with fear.

When she turned to him, his face was pale. He raised a hand and covered his mouth.

“What’s wrong?”

When he lowered his hand, his mouth was open, but he didn’t speak.

“Arto?” she prodded.

His pupils widened. “I don’t know for sure—but I think…”

When he left his sentence unfinished, she pushed, “You think what?”

His expression darkened with shadows. He exhaled with an audible breath. “Janie, I hope with all my heart and soul that what I think happened is wrong.”

Her heart rapped against her ribs. Sweat glistened on her forehead. She wiped it with the back of her arm and then straightened. “Tell me.”

“I think…what you said was an incantation. A powerful one.” His jawline twitched.

“Oh no.” She raised a trembling hand and then dropped it to her lap. “Wh-what did I say?” she stammered.

Arto took a deep breath and exhaled with a slow whoosh. “You summoned a demon.”