Book #1

Without mates, shifters in Black Forest Ridge are going feral. My pack and I will share that same fate if we can’t find our destined mates.

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The next morning, I awoke to the sound of sniffing and Quinn’s nose pressed against my neck. “What are you doing, Quinn?” My body was on fire. I kicked at the stifling sheets.

“Your scent has changed.” He prowled over me, staring at me with intense eyes.

I was burning up and in a wicked state of arousal. “Is that your polite way of saying it’s time for a shower?”

“No.” He pushed my legs apart, pressing his hard c#$k against my womanhood.

“Then what?” I slid my hands around his neck, pulling him closer and loving the feel of his skin against mine.

He had an amused expression on his face. “You’re going into heat, mate.”