Shadows of the Past.

 Book #5

When a deadly attack on the highway drives me and my allies into the woods and straight into my history, I discover a supposed sanctuary hides its own lethal secret. To escape the trap, I need to confront the deeds of my past, which will require me to risk my own and the others’ futures. Can I figure out the puzzle in time to save us all, or will I have to sacrifice everything, including my gargoyle lover, to make amends for my mistakes?

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When I woke, I blinked to make my surroundings come into focus. I turned my head to find the leering rictus of a skeleton beside me on the bed.
My heart rate hit a thousand, and I screamed. The skeleton disappeared, but the mattress still showed an indentation. A wave of dizziness overtook me, and I clutched my head.
Lonna and Selene ran into the room.
“What is it?” Lonna asked. “I didn't know Fae could scream.”
I scowled at her, as much of a scowl as I could manage around my heartbeat, which still galloped between my ears. I gulped a couple of deep breaths, but the disorientation didn't leave.
“Yes, we do, but it's rare. And something else is wrong.”
Selene pressed her hand to her chest. “You feel it too?”
“Yes.” The trembling subsided enough for me to walk to the window and find the moon. Whereas it had been waning when I'd left Atlanta, now it shone full and so brightly the yard appeared illuminated by a silvery sun.
Could we be in the past? That would explain the skeleton and the indentation on the bed. But how had we gotten there?
We walked into the main room, and Selene and Lonna gasped.
The dusty, musty room of a few hours ago had been replaced by a cozy living space with drying herbs hanging from the rafters, a merry fire in the fireplace under a pot of simmering stew, and candles in the holders giving the room a cheery albeit dim glow.
My head spun through possible explanations. My heart, on the other hand, flip-flopped between the warmth of nostalgia and the cold dread we wouldn't be leaving this space easily, perhaps not even alive.