Stone Guardian

 Book #1

When a disastrous date starts stalking her, Alethea's friends team up to help her summon a demon protector. She never expected the ancient spell to actually work, or that the protector they summoned would be hotter than any man alive. He's supposed to be protecting her from a stalker, but what if the real danger is him?

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“Okay, now we should all stand around the circle, holding hands, and keep repeating the incantation until something happens,” Callie said.

“We summon you, demon…”

“…enter the circle…”

“…help protect us…”

“We summon you!”

“…help protect us…”

Round and round it went, voices blending into a blur of sound, and sort of power was humming between their joined hands. Alethea could feel it, thrumming through her bones. She wanted to stop, but she couldn’t. Had to keep chanting. Had to finish this, whatever it was, because if they didn’t do this spell right, there was no telling what would happen.

Was that the flutter of wings she heard?

No, it was just the dust barrier on the fence, flapping in the breeze.

Then the telltale beeps of someone opening the gate.

Panic ensued, and Alethea hit the ground. Pain seared her foot.

Alethea swallowed a scream. “You three go over the fence, and I’ll distract him. I’m the only one who’s actually allowed to be here. He’ll have to help me, which will give you time to get to go to the car. I’ll text you when I get home safe.” The gate was already swinging open. “GO!”

The others sprinted off into the darkness, while Alethea could only groan. The slightest movement hurt like hell.

“Help,” Alethea said, her voice scratchy from all the chanting. Stupid spell. She cleared her throat. “Someone, please help me. I’ve fallen and twisted my ankle and I need help!”

“I’ll help you, miss.”

The most amazing voice, so deep and dark and dipped in a distinct Scottish accent…it turned her insides liquid. If the dating app guy had sounded like this…her vocabulary would have been reduced to one, breathy word.


Warm arms closed around her, lifting her up, and Alethea sighed in relief.


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