The Angel of Paragon

 Book #10

When the king and queen leave Paragon for an extended period, Charlie decides to prove her leadership skills by throwing a party themed around a popular Earth holiday. Things get complicated when a case of mistaken identity causes her to snatch Liam from earth and bring him to Paragon, hoping he'll help her iron out the details of her event. Will grumpy, bearded Liam be the answer to her prayers… or more trouble than she can handle?

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Bright light glared through the side of his helmet, driving out his deep thoughts and engulfing his rover in a warm ecru glow. Confused, he turned to find the source and blinked rapidly against the glare. Had another university sent an expedition? Or was this some billionaire seeking an adrenaline high?

Liam’s eyes finally adjusted, and he saw clearly where the light was coming from. He stopped breathing. The alarm went off in his suit as his heart sprinted into the tachycardic zone.

“Liam, what’s going on? Your heart rate is off the charts!” Noah’s panicked voice barked in his ear.

Liam wanted to answer, but he couldn’t get his mouth to work properly. He tried again. “Wo-wo—” He swallowed hard and forced his tongue to obey him. “A woman. There’s a… a woman out here.

“Who? Is there a logo on her suit? Not that Russian scientist again.”

“No suit. She’s barefoot… in a fucking dress,” he forced out. He blinked rapidly, trying to make sense of what he was seeing.

“If there was a woman out there in nothing but a dress right now, she’d be frozen solid,” Noah said. “Check your oxygen. Your stats look fine from here, but something must be going on.”

What was going on was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen was walking toward him, barefoot in a white dress that hugged her figure, her loose blond waves blowing back from her face in the mounting storm. The only thing stranger than the fact she didn’t look cold were the two massive, feathery wings rising over her shoulders and the glow she was putting off, which set off a blaring rendition of Aerosmith’s “Angel” in his brain.

Looking directly through his visor with piercing blue eyes, she said, I need your help! At least he thought that’s what she said based on reading her lips. He nodded immediately. Of course he would help this lovely creature who should not exist and was probably a figment of his oxygen-deprived imagination.