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I might read spicy romance, but I was completely unprepared for what awaited me inside Club Wishing Well. There fantasy meets reality. And I have let the sexy genie out of his bottle.

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“I think I recall one of your fantasies was to be feasted upon. And I have to admit, I’m famished tonight. Would you want that?”

Pink crept across her cheeks over hearing me give voice to one of her desires. Her head dipped up and down in the tiniest of nods.

My fingers made quick work of the knot hiding her body from my hungry gaze. With a nudge, the black material slipped to the floor. Finally, after all this time, I was able to see all of her in her stunning glory. Self-consciously, her arms wrapped around her middle, and she held her breath.

I wrapped my hand around her throat. “Breath play was one of the things you marked off your list, so I’m going to need you to breathe, poco sole. Passing out before we get to the good part would be tragic for the both of us.”

Her body shuddered as she sucked in a huge gulp of air.

“Good girl. Now quit trying to hide from me. I want to see all of your gorgeous body.” I eased her arms back down by her side.

My dick hardened in my pants, pressing painfully against my zipper.

“Climb on the bed and get comfortable. I’m not a fast eater.”




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