Pick of the Pack – Summer 2022 (Jul-Aug-Sep)


— For Wolf Pack Coop members only!

— 1 book per author, per session

— NO REPEATS (check for previous submissions here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17PqNyNYf8vx-yG6BULtPfWKT355gtHGfBVBdy_pIPUo/edit?usp=sharing)

— Covers do not need to be provided – covers will be pulled a retailer

— NO Books2Read, readerlinks.com OR shortened links please!

— A book will NOT be listed if all requested info is not provided

We limit the number of books for sanity's sake. Priority will be given to authors who weren't in the previous POTP.


Pick of the Pack landing page:

To rise the tide, we'd like you share the landing page link when you announce that your book is a ‘Pick of the Pack' selection.

FYI, we often run paid traffic ads to these and/or do book giveaways, so this is some extra promo for you.

New books will be listed about 4 times a year.

Books will be rotated automatically every time the landing page is viewed.

After each session, Pick of the Pack books will be archived, available at the bottom of the landing page.

You'll receive an email when the book has been posted to the website.