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A reoccurring dream. A fated encounter. A destiny neither can deny.

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Sink your fangs into this spicy vampire series, where blood is power and only the ruthless survive as Seraphina learns what it means to be a queen.

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Can an alien shape-shifter's desire twist the threads of Sela's fate?

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After one night, he walked away. He’s going to live to regret it.

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Vampires and witches don't mix. And falling in love with one is completely out of the question … unless she can extinguish those nasty demons from your mind.

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No one questioned the alpha's orders until he met Savannah.

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He may have a second chance with his first love… if he can save her from dangerous rogue shifters

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On the run from Fae slavers, the best chance of survival is to submit to the Immortal Sorting. I’ll be claimed by an Orc in exchange for protection. The price? A life of servitude.

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Can two star-crossed lovers find their place in a future they never imagined…and finally get their happily ever after?

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Magic & mayhem, I can handle. Two men determined to claim me? Not so much.

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Hot, hunky werewolf, Jackson promises Chloe he'll make her howl.

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