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All Maria wants is to live happily ever after with her husband, but the sea's siren call is getting stronger. Can one woman oppose the ocean and win?

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Garibaldi Ward acts as executioner over nonconforming rogue vampires. But when he’s charged with killing his wife, a woman he believed dead, he’ll do anything to save her, even using the lure of finding their missing son.

There are three rules at the academy and I have broken them all.

Enter worlds of water and fire, where passion trumps fate and the human race will never be the same.

Audrey Levine thinks being bitten by a wolf is just another day on the job. She couldn’t be more wrong.

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I’m a succubus with an eating disorder that has nothing to do with food… Every three days, I have to feed from a different lover.

To become queen, Astrid must either enter a marriage of convenience or complete a quest for the last dragon of Solveig.

Nina’s tired of the lies and disappearances. Her marriage is on the verge of dissolving, but fate has other ideas. Now if she could only get in touch with her soon-to-be ex.

Denica has spent more than a decade hunting down the undead as a vampire slayer. The dragon shifter never expected to meet her fated mate while out on a bounty, but there was no denying Trey was meant to be hers.

Bastian Forge might be my downfall. But ruination has never looked so good…

When a handsome shifter begs a disgraced scientist to continue her research, she unearths a sinister conspiracy. Can she unmask the villain before she's next on a killer's list?

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