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A Wicked Night Anthology

Zoey Indiana

Prepare to fall under the spell of 5 paranormal romance stories of angels, fae, dragons, griffins, and more winged creatures!

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The last man I wanted to see on Earth stood inside my business. His hard gaze burned as he glared back at me. Before I could stop myself, I was standing at the edge of my office, with only Viola and the meeting area of my shop between us.

“I need to talk to you.” Rhaspe’s smooth, deep voice slid over me.

When I opened my mouth to tell him to go away, nothing came out. Not even a squeak. Instead, I shook my head and pointed at the door.

“Cadence, is everything okay?” Viola rose up from her chair with a phone in her hand.

I nodded. “Everything is fine. Rhaspe realizes his error and will be leaving now.”

“Oh shit.” Viola gasped as her head swiveled between the two of us. “I’m uh… I’m going to take lunch while you sort this out.” Viola grabbed her phone and wallet, then bolted past Rhaspe. Bastard’s gaze didn’t waiver from me.

“Cadence.” The way he said my name made my knees weak. Also made me throb with need. “You know I wouldn’t have come here if I had any other options.”

“Then it’s a damn shame you have no options here either.”

Rhaspe took a step toward me, and I barely caught myself before I retreated. No, I refused to run from him. I ignored the fact that there was no other exit than the one he blocked, but that wasn’t the point. He sought me out, and I’d hadn’t pieced together my heart since he shattered it.

He growled deep in his chest as he stalked across the room. Rhaspe was a predator, and I was his prey. The wall slammed into my back as I tried to keep my distance. Faster than I could perceive, Rhaspe pressed his hard body against mine, pinning me against the wall. His lips smashed against mine, his tongue asking for more.

Every ounce of sense escaped as the mating bond screamed for me to accept him. Pressing my hands against his chest backfired as they betrayed me. Instead of shoving him away, they slid over his hard muscles. I wrapped one leg around his waist. His hand gripped my thigh as he ground his hard erection against me. Heat pooled low in my belly as I throbbed with need. I groaned into his mouth, giving him room to deepen the kiss as his tongue slid past my lips.

Rhaspe cupped my ass, easily lifting me. He held me against him while swiping my desk clean. Then he set me on the edge. He broke the kiss, his hand tangling in my hair and pulling my head to the side. With my neck exposed, he growled while trailing kisses down to my collarbone. I groaned, and he nuzzled my cheek while chuffing at me.

Like a lion. The sound kick-started my brain. Awareness slammed into me. I shoved Rhaspe away. Or I tried to. He didn’t budge, but my ass slid backward on the desk, giving me the distance I needed. “Oh hell no.” I scooted further away, not caring how stupid the movement looked. “You rejected me. Fated mate or not, you don’t get to walk in here like you didn’t rip my heart out then stomp on it.”