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Tamsin Ley

A shapeshifting alien prince in need of an heir buys a human female at a charity auction. But Georgie not only refuses to be owned but also claims to be barren. Will he follow his heart, or fulfill his duty?

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Read an excerpt from Arazhi

Picking up a nearby bottle of champagne and an empty flute, she minced across the lawn toward his table, trying not to let her heels sink into the grass. Women sat with aliens at every table, some looking uncomfortable, others laughing or showing off pets. With the auction complete, it was time for the guests to get to know each other.

The alien who’d bid on Georgie was unmistakable as she wove between the tables toward him. His gaze remained fixed on her. She moved slowly, taking time to look him over. He was shirtless, and except for his blue skin and strangely dark eyes, he looked human. Gorgeously human. She gulped and forced a smile, wondering why he was shirtless. His broad shoulders and god-like chest and arms made it difficult for her to raise her attention to his face.

When she did, she was equally stunned. His square jaw was the epitome of handsome. Midnight blue eyes with no white seemed to bore directly through her. And a sensuous mouth smiled at her without actually turning upward, as if he knew a great secret only they shared.

She paused at the chair next to him and stuttered, “Thank you for your generosity. You’ve helped a lot of homeless pets.” She lifted the bottle. “Shall we celebrate?”

He nodded and extended his empty champagne flute.

She filled it then her own before sitting down next to him.

He downed his in a single gulp, then resumed silently staring at her as the band began playing a popular Country Western song. 

Her stomach fluttered. She downed her champagne, too, hoping it would calm her erratic nerves. She’d never expected an alien to be so handsome, much less seem to be interested in her.

The moment she set her glass down, he refilled it.

Strong silent types were definitely her thing, and everything about him had her mind going to naughty places. She hadn’t been on a date since her divorce, so perhaps it was just easy for a man to turn her head, but to be fair, the guy had just dropped half a million dollars for a date with her and also looked yummier than any Chippendales model she’d ever seen.

Except this wasn’t just any date, and he wasn’t just any guy.

He was an alien. He might look human but that didn’t mean they were remotely compatible. Her gaze fluttered down toward his lap, suddenly wondering what alien peen might look like. Did he even have one?

She felt his smile on her, and heat crept up her cheeks again. Dragging her gaze back to his, she thrust out a hand. At least learn his name first, girl. “My name’s Georgette, but everyone calls me Georgie.” She had to half shout to be heard over the band. “What’s yours?”

“Name,” he said, as if feeling the word on his tongue. His voice was deep and smooth—another of her weaknesses. “Arazhi,” he rumbled.

She gulped. “Good to meet you, Arazhi.”

He looked like he wanted to lick her all over as he reached out and took her offered hand. The contact sent a jolt of awareness through her, a liquid heat that settled between her legs. She recalled Lora’s quip about doing more than making friends on a first date. Oh, Lordy, why did Momma raise me to be a good girl?

Gripping her hand gently, he lifted her hand toward his mouth as if to kiss it. But instead of a kiss, his tongue flicked out along the slit between her index and middle finger, dipping in at the apex in a way that totally had her thinking of other slits. Was this how aliens greeted each other? Her panties felt suddenly wet.

“Oh, my,” she whispered.