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Crystal Dawn

Juan is living wild and like he has no fiancée while he believes she waits quietly for him. When he discovers she’s been living the fun partying life, he hurries to her side to mate her. She wants nothing to do with him, but he will get her one way or the other.

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The hostess on the plane handed out trays with food and drinks. She’d been on this plane for some time, and she was a wolf. He’d been with her before and she was flirting with him now, but he had no interest. If he didn’t get Amee back, he wasn’t sure if he’d ever want another female again. Who would have thought it? Juan Juarez, dedicated playboy, rich partier, unrivaled Romeo, now he was just a lovesick wolf. The female gave up when he didn’t give her any attention and now, she was flirting with Jorge. Easy come and easy go. She was just like all those other easy conquests he’d had in his life. Amee was the only one who was genuine, and he could have had it all.

What would he say to her when he finally found her? He had no idea and nothing brilliant was coming to him. If anything, guilt and a feeling that he had thrown away a precious gift he might never get back were overwhelming his brain. There had been the start of friendship and maybe something more between them at one time. If he tried hard enough, he hoped he could win her back. It was time to call Ariel and see if she would help him.

“Ariel, here. Is that you Juan Juarez?”

“Yes. How did you know?”

“I know a lot of things and I’ve been expecting your call. Needing a place to stay?”

“If you have one.”

“I can find some rooms for you and your guys.”

“We’d appreciate that. Any advice?”

“You should have asked that question a year ago. You’ve got a hard job ahead of you my friend.”

“Yeah, well that isn’t hard to see.”

“Really? Why didn’t you see it sooner if it’s so obvious?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I was too selfish and arrogant?”

“That’s a good start. Care to add anymore self-descriptive words?”

“Not making this easy, are you?”

“I’m way easier than she’ll be. You’ve dug yourself in a hole and now you’ll have to crawl out.”

“Any suggestions on how to do that?”

“Sorry, this is something you’ll have to do yourself because if you don’t learn the hard way, I don’t think you’ll learn at all.”

“Yeah, well thanks a lot for nothing,” he muttered.

“I helped you once and a gift was bestowed on you that you did not appreciate. Had you taken the time to get to know her you would have seen that there was more to her than was obvious. Instead, you just trucked on home and left her to stew. Someone else took the time and they got an incredible gift. You’ve done so much damage to your relationship with her and invited in so much competition for her attention, I’m not sure if anyone can help you. You’re still way too arrogant and you want someone to do this for you. There is no easy way to reclaim what you’ve lost but if you don’t, you will live with pain and regret the rest of your life.”

“So nice of you to try to cheer me up,” he mumbled.

“We’re past that point. Pull your big boy britches up and be a man.”