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Vampire's Promise

Valerie Twombly

Pushed together by a vengeful God, Gwen knows the moment she lays eyes on Kian he belongs to her. To him, she is nothing more than another lie, but fate has plans for them both. To save her mate, she will pay the ultimate price.

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Kian stopped filling his bucket when he heard a hard thud, and what he swore was the groan of a female several yards away. Dropping his tools, he tore off in the sound’s direction and wondered what the ever-loving hell the god was up to now? That was when he spotted a female figure lying on the ground and he took off at a run.

“Fucking prick,” he mumbled under his breath and within seconds, he reached her. Kneeling, he touched the female and immediately felt that her body was knitting broken bones back together. She was immortal, thank the gods. When he gently rolled her over and saw that face, he stumbled back. “The female––”

“Yes. The same one you saw in the human realm before you came here.”  The prick god stood over them and Kian wanted to slam his fist down the bastard’s throat.

“Why is she here?”

“Because she fucked with a Valkyrie.”

His jaw ticked as he didn’t believe a word this asshole said. “And this has nothing to do with our earlier conversation?”

Khedeus lifted a muscled shoulder. “Well, since you were feeling lonely, I sought a female who was in need of punishment. Had you not brought it up, I might have let her minor infraction go.” His dark gaze zeroed in on Kian. “She means something to you though.”

“I do not even know who she is, other than yes, I did see her on my very short stint in the mortal realm.” Great. Now he was the reason someone else was on this seventh level of hell. Not wishing to cause further harm, he broached a more neutral subject. “What is she? I am not familiar with her species.”

“She is what they call a guardian. Protector of humans.” He rolled his eyes. “Though why those lowly beings deserve any protection from their own stupidity is questionable. A jackass god who thinks he is mightier than the rest of us created her kind. She is your responsibility now.”
“Mine? What the fuck for?”

“Because I deem it so.” He growled. “I thought you would be pleased to have a female to sink your cock into. She drinks blood, so I’m sure she won’t be opposed to you taking from her. Do with her whatever you want, just be sure she serves her punishment.”

“Which is?”

Khedeus scratched his chin and Kian didn’t like what he saw in the god’s eyes. “She is a female below even your station.” He grinned. “I will give you a boon. Kill her and freedom is yours.”